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Fill in the blanks with your own words, and you can have your very own story starring your favourite monkey and iguana.

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One morning, Monkey and Iguana were in the forest. They laughed and sang and had a good time. Suddenly, Monkey ran off into the bushes. Iguana was very . “Monkey!” He shouted. “Where are you?”

“Up here!” Monkey . Iguana looked up and saw Monkey in a tree. “I’m hungry!”

Suddenly, they heard a sound in the forest. They hid behind a tall tree and watched. The forest was full of men in orange coveralls. They were using machines to cut grass near a yellow post. Monkey was so afraid, he was shaking.

“Don’t worry,” Iguana said. “That yellow post says there is an NGC natural gas pipeline underground. It’s very safe.” “What’s natural gas?” Monkey asked.

“It’s a gas that comes from deep under the replied Iguana. “Most of it is used to generate electricity, to make many things work.”

Monkey thought hard. “You mean things like and and ? “That’s right,” said Iguana. They also use it to make metals, like iron and steel, and many important chemicals.”

“But the forest is full of grass. Why does NGC want to cut it?” asked Monkey. “They do that to keep the pipelines clear,” Iguana told him. “So if they have a problem, they can get to the pipelines very fast.” “Oh,” Monkey said. Then he sniffed the air. “I smell

On the ground was a pile of lunch bags, and what was inside smelled so delicious that Monkey couldn’t help himself. He crept up to the first lunch bag and opened it. It was full of and and . Monkey was so excited! “Yum!” he whispered.

“No, Monkey!” Iguana warned.

But Monkey didn’t listen. He stuffed his cheeks full of food. He even grabbed food with his tail.

“Catch!” he yelled, and threw a(n) to Iguana. Before Iguana could take a bite, there was a loud shout. “Look!” said one of the men. He pointed at the two friends. “They’ve got our lunch!”

“Run!” shouted Monkey.

“I’m running!” yelled Iguana.

Quick as a flash, they raced into the bushes. Behind them, they could hear the men laughing.

When they were tired running, they stopped to catch their breath. “That was fun!” Monkey panted.

“Fun?” Iguana gasped. “I was so scared my tail nearly fell off!”

“Well,” Monkey replied. “At least we don’t have to be hungry anymore.” He turned around and showed Iguana his tail...which was still holding on to a lunch bag full of food!

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