Natural Gas Value Chain


Did you ever wonder what became of natural gas after NGC buys it from suppliers, transports it through its pipelines and sells it to consumers? Plenty!

Natural gas goes through many stages. If you listed these stages one after the other, they look like a chain of activities that result in an important product. We call that chain of activities the natural gas value chain.

Place these events in their correct order by clicking on each one and dragging them into the right order.

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Value Chain 1 - Electricity

  • The electric company uses the natural gas for power generation
  • You can watch TV
  • The electric company sends electricity to your house
  • NGC sells natural gas to the electric company
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Value Chain 2 - Ammonia

  • You use liquid cleaners to mop the floors
  • Ammonia plants remove nitrogen from the gas stream
  • NGC sells natural gas to ammonia plants
  • Ammonia plants turn nitrogen into liquid ammonia
  • Ammonia is used to make household cleaners and fertilizers
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Value Chain 3 - Urea

  • The small, white urea pellets are used as fertilizers
  • You get nice, healthy, fresh vegetables to eat
  • Urea plants mix carbon dioxide and ammonia to form urea
  • Plants grow healthy and strong
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Value Chain 4 - Metals

  • Metals plants burn natural gas in furnaces to produce heat
  • Manufacturers turn the metal into many useful objects
  • Raw metal, called ores, melt in the heat of the furnaces
  • While it is red hot, the metal is shaped into rods
  • Metal is sold to manufacturers
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Value Chain 5 - Methanol

  • Methanol factories convert methane to methanol
  • You can varnish your furniture and paint your house bright colours
  • Methanol factories remove methane from the natural gas stream
  • NGC sells natural gas to methanol factories
  • Factories use methanol to produce paint, varnish and plastic
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