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Here we have an archive of all the games featured on the Education Centre for Primary and Secondary.


  • Race Along The Pipeline
    Get to the end faster than your friends. Learn about NGC and Natural Gas while doing it.
  • Pipeline Hopscotch
    NGC is building a new pipeline. Play against the computer or with a friend and navigate to the end learning about NGC and Safety along the way.
  • The Story of Natural Gas
    Unscramble the words to read a story about how natural gas is formed.
  • Understanding Fire Safety
    How much do you know about fire safety? Draw a smiley face 🙂 next to the things you should ALWAYS do. Draw a frowny face 🙁 next to things you should NEVER do.
  • Natural Gas Made Simple
    Learn Natural Gas facts by playing this True or False game.
  • Write Your Own Story
    Complete the story of Monkey and Iguana.


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